Home Clearance Furniture - Be very carfull of www.homeclearancefurniture.com!

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Advertise on Craigslist, then...after a few days respond to you and send you to their website, where they demand "Green Dot" payment!

Can't get a response for email, contact phone number is VERY shady, as it is a weird voice mail. just a warning... buyers beware... if it looks to good to be true..


I responded to there ad on Cl and it took several days for them to get back to me, sending me to their website. GREAT PRICES, FREE DELIVERY... promises, promises...

stated that first time buyers needed to send a color copy of ID and address verification to pay with credit card, otherwise you MUST use "green dot" ( which I stupidly did)five days later, no one has responded, and my ID is floating around in cyberspace ( guess I am about to be a victum of identy theft to try and save a few hundred dollars!i feel very ***, but please BEWARE of www.homeclearancefurniture.com

Review about: North Shore Canopy Bedroom Set.



Well, this site would have been good to know about last year.

I was scammed.

I had my local police try to track down the scammer, following bank account after bank account, all the was from Michigan to New York State. Finally, my local prosecuting attorney who has to issue the search warrants before a bank will release any info, decided it was a lost cause, and therefore the search died.

Does anyone know of any other way to try to get this scammer and get my money back???

Thanks for reading, and hopefully you dont get scammed like I did.




thank you for your warning....I was very impressed with their prices on play structures.

They are so good that it made me leery.

Your review has validated my concerns.Thanks Again.


I have the same experience and same feelings that this is not legitimate.

Will only take cash by Green Dot that does not insure your purchase.

They don't answer the phone, only take message and never return the call.

Response by email is a 'standard response' that does not answer questions directly.


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